Baoji Xingyuhang Metal Technology Co., Ltd
Baoji Xingyuhang Metal Technology Co., Ltd


 XYH is a world leading Chinese senior science and technology company specializing in developing new materials, producing and selling 3D printing, titanium plates, titanium rods, titanium tubes, titanium wires, titanium flanges, titanium pipe fittings and titanium alloy forgings, nickel and nickel based alloys, zirconium, hafnium, tantalum niobium alloys and other refractory metals.
2. Contact information
Tel.:+8613571715759  +8618109171016
3. Field
Aerospace materials ;Oil pipeline;Pharmaceutical equipment;Seawater desalination;nuclear power;Medical;consumables;Chemical equipment and materials
4. Products
Titanium round bar, titanium square bar, titanium plate, titanium target plate, titanium foil, titanium tube, titanium target tube, titanium wire, titanium flange, titanium forging, titanium machined parts, titanium standard parts, etc;
Zirconium Zr60702 Zr60705 Nickel Ni201 Ni200 Ni06825 Ni006625 Ni06690 Tantalum, niobium etc,
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