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Baby description

Titanium alloy pipes are generally prepared by welding, extrusion, multi roll cross rolling and piercing. Among them, the pipes produced by welding process are easy to crack and fracture, and their service life is low in extreme environments; However, the tubes produced by extrusion and cross rolling piercing process are prone to deformation, uneven structure and large difference in properties.


Seamless pipe, round pipe, square pipe





Production method

Cold rolling, extrusion, deep hole, honing


Ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, hydraulic testing, air tightness testing.

Specification: cold rolled seamless tube (M state) φ (3-159)*(0.2-10.0)*L(500-9000)

Welded pipe (M state) φ (30-1000)*(0.5-12.0)*L(500-15000)

Extruded tube (M state) φ (45-219)*(5.0-30.0)*L

Properties: GR5 titanium alloy is a dual phase alloy, which has good comprehensive properties, good structural stability, good toughness, plasticity and high-temperature deformation properties, can be used for hot pressure processing, and can be hardened and aged to strengthen the alloy. The strength after heat treatment is about 50%~100% higher than that after annealing; High temperature strength, can work at 400 ℃~500 ℃ for a long time, and its thermal stability is less than α Titanium alloy.

Application fields: aviation (compressor disk, stationary blade, moving blade jet pipe, etc.), rockets, missiles and spaceships (high pressure vessels, rocket engines, lunar module, etc.), ships, warship manufacturing industry, etc. (pump bodies of water ships, fast boat propellers, etc.), chemical industry, petroleum industry (reaction tower, distiller, etc.), medical and health (titanium teeth, heart valves, diaphragms, bone joints and fixing screws, titanium bones, etc.).

Packaging: according to customer requirements or negotiation (standard wooden box packaging)                                                                                  
Titanium pipes for petroleum
Product description:
The working environment of offshore oil and gas production equipment is quite harsh. The equipment must first contact with seawater, oil and natural gas, and must withstand the corrosion of high-temperature chloride, sulfuric acid, ammonia and other media. The maximum corrosion temperature can reach 300 ℃. Secondly, the equipment shall bear the working load inside the system and the impact load generated by sea waves. Thirdly, the size of deep-sea oil and gas exploration and production equipment is very large, which requires high strength, toughness and fatigue resistance of materials. Therefore, titanium alloys can fully meet these requirements.
Materials: GR1, GR2 (pure titanium) GR5, GR23, GR28 (Ti-6Al-4V) GR7 (Ti-0.15Pd) GR9, GR18 (Ti-3A-2.5V) and Ti-38644 alloy.
Standard: ASTM B338 ASTM B861
The device parts involved: drilling riser, cone stress joint, downhole operation flow pipe, booster pipe, drilling tool lifting device, seawater pipeline system, cooling system, fire extinguishing system, etc.
Titanium is mainly used in offshore oil and gas development, including riser, drill pipe, tapered stress joint and downhole flow pipe (coiled pipe)
Application fields: industry, aerospace, construction, automobile, biomedicine, chemical processing, ocean, military, petroleum, tools, racing. Heat exchangers and condensers, various corrosive fluid transmission pipeline systems, titanium bicycle pipes, automobile pipes, offshore aquaculture.
Packaging: use woven bags, plastic foam, cartons, wooden boxes and other packaging materials that meet the transportation standards according to the specifications and dimensions of the goods to ensure that there is no mistake during transportation.
Advantages: first-class products, reasonable pricing, and the fastest delivery time.
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