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Titanium palladium alloy GR7, titanium welding wire φ 1-6mm corrosion resistance can be customized

Product description:

Titanium palladium alloy, corrosion resistant alloy TA9/GR7:

TA9/GR7 titanium alloy has excellent corrosion resistance in oxidizing medium. It also has certain corrosion resistance to reducing media, especially to improve its crevice corrosion resistance in high chloride concentration media. The corrosion rate of titanium palladium alloy containing 0.15-0.18% palladium in 5% boiling sulfuric acid can be reduced from 48.26mm/a (industrial pure titanium) to 0.508mm/a. The corrosion resistance is increased by about 95 times. The alloy has good processing, molding and welding properties, but palladium is a precious metal, so the cost is high.

Introduction to basic knowledge of palladium:

Palladium is a metal that breathes. It can absorb hydrogen 2800 times larger than its own volume. When needed, it can "exhale" all hydrogen at once, and can absorb and exhale hydrogen repeatedly. Because palladium has the function of breathing hydrogen, it is used in industry as a catalyst and reductant for hydrogenation reaction, and also as a degassing agent to remove the trace gas remaining in the vacuum tube.

Palladium is not active chemically, but it can be dissolved in nitric acid, aqua regia and molten alkali.

GR7 Main components: Ti: residual, Pd: 0.12~0.25, N: 0.03min, C: 0.08min, H: 0.013min, Fe: 0.25min, O: 0.15min

Packaging: use woven bags, plastic foam, cartons, wooden boxes and other packaging materials that meet the transportation standards according to the specifications and dimensions of the goods to ensure that there is no mistake during transportation.

Uses: military industry, medical, sports goods, glasses, earrings, headwear, electroplating pendant, welding wire and other industries.

Advantages: first-class products, reasonable pricing, and the fastest delivery time.

We are also a manufacturer and factory of titanium palladium GR7 titanium wire, with large inventory and complete specifications.
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