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titanium tube

titanium tube

The manufacturer supplies ASTM B338 GR1 titanium evaporation pipe, titanium seamless pipe and titanium welded pipe.Product Details:

Performance of titanium alloy tube: titanium alloy tube is a new type of metal. The performance of titanium is related to the content of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and other impurities. The content of impurities in the purest titanium iodide is not more than 0.1%, but it has low strength and high plasticity.

Product brand

GR1 GR2 GR5 GR7 GR12 GR16 GR23

Executive standards

ASTM B338 B861 B862 F67 F136 ACME SB338 SB861 SB862


Product use

Heat exchanger condensate pipe pipeline transportation titanium bicycle frame, etc

Treatment process
Hot forging, cold rolling, hot rolling, annealing and pickling

surface quality

The surface is clean and smooth without peeling, folding, air hole, crack and other defects

Scope of application: aerospace, ships, auto parts, bicycle parts, desalination in marine engineering, mariculture, offshore oil drilling, and seawater pipelines; Ocean heat energy conversion power station, condenser, steam turbine titanium blade in the electric power industry; Chlorine alkali, soda ash, urea and vacuum salt making petrochemical industry; Electrolysis and electroplating in metallurgical industry; Textile, paper making and fuel in light industry.

Packaging: woven bags, plastic foam, cartons, wooden cases and other packaging materials that meet the transportation standards shall be used according to the specifications and dimensions of the goods to ensure that everything is lost during transportation.

Inspection and Testing

Ultrasonic testing, electrical non-destructive testing, flaring testing, hydraulic testing, flattening testing, visual surface testing, dimensional testing, tensile property testing and chemical element testing.

Performance of titanium tube: interstitial impurity elements of industrial pure titanium increase gradually, so its mechanical strength and hardness also increase step by step, but its plasticity and toughness decrease accordingly.

Our titanium tube and titanium alloy have moderate corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties.

When iron content is 0.095%, oxygen content is 0.08%, hydrogen content is 0.0009%, and nitrogen content is 0.0062, it has good low-temperature toughness and high low-temperature strength, and can be used as low-temperature structural materials below - 253 ℃.





Φ3 - 10

δ0.3 -2.0

1000 -2000

Φ12 -22

δ0.8 - 3.0

1000 - 6000

Φ25 - 57

δ1.0 - 4.0

1000 - 6000

Φ60 - 133

δ1.0 -10.0

1000 - 6000


δ1.0 - 6.0


Note: Titanium pipes with a diameter greater than 140mm are welded pipes.

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